The Top-20 challenges salespeople face

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Sales directors and managers spend much of their time thinking about what types of advice, tools and support they can give to their teams in order to improve productivity and performance. That got me thinking. To provide the most effective support for salespeople, you first need a detailed understanding of what challenges, problems and issues they face on a regular basis. So I made a list. Here’s Chuck’s very unofficial guide to the top-20 things that keep a salesperson awake at night. Hopefully, it will give you a few ideas as to how you can better prepare your sales force to achieve their best year yet!

  1. Meeting and/or exceeding sales quota.
  2. Forecasting accurately.
  3. Not having enough hours in a day to do everything they need to do.
  4. Unable to spend enough time in face-to-face selling situations.
  5. Not having enough qualified opportunities/leads in their pipeline.
  6. Understanding how to sell a solution instead of a product.
  7. Having the knowledge and confidence to sell at the “right level”.
  8. Knowing how to talk to a decision maker after they get the appointment.
  9. Understanding what problems the prospect has and why they are an issue for that prospect, so they can properly qualify them.
  10. Knowing how their product aligns with the customer’s issues.
  11. Creating a value proposition about how their product solves the customer’s issues.
  12. Finding out who sold what, to whom, when and why they bought it.
  13. Access to quality customer references.
  14. Access to SWOT analysis of competition.
  15. Filtering through all of the noise to get the information they need.
  16. Having access to a database of successful sales practices, specific to their company and its solutions.
  17. Knowing which marketing collateral to use in a given opportunity.
  18. Get better quality leads from marketing.
  19. Getting up-to-speed fast enough on new products.
  20. How to get that signature on the contract!

The challenges/problems/issues in bold above can all be quickly resolved using a Sales Knowledge Management solution that allows salespeople to quickly and easily retrieve the exact just-in-time knowledge and content they need to drive the selling process forward.

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