At Compendian® we focus on helping our customers solve those strategic problems that are negatively affecting their business around:

1.  Protecting and retaining their corporate IP and tribal knowledge

2.  Tightening their corporate alignment and accountability

3.  Improving product launches and poor value messaging

Solving these will measurably increase their overall effectiveness  and revenue attainment.

 Compendian® Inc.

Capitalizing on Corporate Knowledge

Capture, Retain & Capitalize on Your Corporate IP

Capture and save your Tribal Knowledge and Intellectual Property, so those valuable resources aren’t lost when you have employee turnover. Then capitalize on that knowledge to make everyone more effective and ramp up new hires faster, and with greater success.

Reduce discounting, lost opportuities and poor value messaging to increase revenue and new customers

By equipping your sales people with a treasure hove of tribal knowledge and assets that have been successfully used in the past will create more effective value messaging, allowing you to win the right opportunities at the right price, thereby increasing new customer acquisition and revenue.

Increase Productivity

Store your corporate assets where your people can find them quickly and easily, while measuring their overall effectiveness and providing accountability, giving you feedback on their quality and value, so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Solve Strategic Business Problems Around Poor Departmental Alignment and Product Launches

By providing a value delivery system that will align your departments and increase project collaboration, so everyone is more aligned and working together to attain your corporate goals, while increasing the success rate of new product launches.

We are dedicated to providing a solution that not only solves your business problems, but makes your business more aligned, effective and profitable.  We focus on delivering the outcomes that you are looking for. We believe that it doesn’t make sense to talk about a solution until we understand and get agreement from you as to the problem that you want to solve and want us to help you solve it.
This is why recent research groups, including IDC and Aberdeen, have discovered increases in productivity and effectiveness by as much as 20 to 30% when organizations implement the type of solutions that we provide.
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Compendian’s® CollaboRate™  for example, delivers just-in-time knowledge right when it’s needed.

PLUS a centralized repository of corporate data providing instant access to proven sales knowledge, experiences and best practices.
PLUS a unique prospect alignment tool that delivers detailed insight into your target market and buyer needs.
PLUS users can rate, tag & make suggestions on all content, providing valuable feedback as to the quality and usefulness of content.

delivers feedback and analytics on access and usage, so management will be able to know, what/who is working and isn’t
integrates within CRMs including Salesforce and with Microsoft Sharepoint
dashboard and interface can easily be customized with your corporate colors & logo
is very cost effective and inexpensive, priced on a per user, per month basis

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Created with over 35 years of sales, marketing and product management experience CollaboRate™ provides greater collaboration and alignment between sales and marketing organizations.

Improving sales effectiveness is not just a sales function issue; it’s a company issue, as it requires deep collaboration between sales and marketing to understand what’s working and not working, and continuous improvement of the knowledge, messages, skills, and strategies that sales people apply as they work sales opportunities.

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