How Product Managers benefit from using CollaboRate™

As the product manager for my company, it is my job to introduce new products to the marketplace, but lately we have had a lot of problems getting our product launches to be successful. I just don’t get it. I don’t know why we have such a high launch failure rate. I guess it’s because our salespeople just don’t know how to sell what we provide for them. I know we bring them into the office and give them all training on the products before we launch them so they have the right product knowledge. So what could be the problem??? These products should be able to sell themselves. All our salespeople need to do is get them in front of the buyer and let the product do the rest.
I stay on top of all of the trade journals and watch what our competition is bringing out, so I’m sure I’m in touch with what the market wants and needs!
One of the main reasons why some 75 percent of new product launches fail is because the company created the wrong product or service for the wrong market.
Another key reason is the failure to develop the correct go-to-market strategy and training. In many instances, product managers don’t fully understand the true value proposition of the products they have created and, therefore, inevitably end up creating product sheets, summaries and technical material that meets neither the needs of the sales person or the prospect.
Using CollaboRate™, Product Managers will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the market and, in turn, better selling products.
• Ability to deliver segmented or customized product information to direct sales staff, indirect sales staff and customers.
• Accessing anecdotal feedback from sales staff and prospects facilitates a deeper understanding of the company or products’ true value proposition.
• Create more targeted and relevant product guides and sales training materials.
• Delivers greater understanding of what customers are asking for and what the market needs.
CollaboRate™ is designed to help Product Managers gain greater insight into which product collateral is most effective in helping drive sales. It is a tool that is designed to provide the type of feedback loops that are important in providing feedback as to what is working and what isn’t.

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