Is Collaborate a CRM tool?

No. CollaboRate™ is not a customer or client relationship management tool. CollaboRate™ helps companies organize, store, share and rate their tribal knowledge, including sales and marketing experiences, insights and content.

Can CollaboRate work with Microsoft Share Point and Salesforce.com

Yes. CollaboRate has been designed to seamlessly integrate with both Sharepoint and Salesforce.com, as well as with other content management and CRM tools.

Is CollaboRate a sales tool or a marketing tool?

It’s both! For a company to be successful, sales and marketing must be aligned. CollaboRate™ is designed specifically to eliminate the “disconnect” that often exists between these two departments. Using CollaboRate™, sales people can instantly access the relevant content they need, as well as knowledge, insights and feedback from other successful sales people. Marketers benefit from being able to see which pieces of promotional collateral are most popular among the sales team. CollaboRate™ is also a productivity and alignment tool business wide.

Can CollaboRate help me trim my marketing budget?

Almost certainly. Using CollaboRate™, marketers can not only see which pieces of content and collateral have been downloaded or used most, they can also review comments, ratings and feedback on each individual document written by sales staff. This enables marketers to eliminate unsuccessful or ineffective campaigns and materials from their budget. Marketers can also access prospect information and insights, thereby enabling them to craft more targeted and effective sales messages.

How Can CollaboRate reduce new sales hire ramp-up time?

By focusing more on “prospect” information rather than “product” information, CollaboRate™ enables companies to provide all new sales hires with the knowledge, techniques, experiences and materials used by the company’s most successful sales people.

How do I know if CollaboRate is working?

CollaboRate™ has built-in metrics and reporting capabilities that enable stakeholders to easily see which pieces of content and collateral have been most used by sales staff.

How does CollaboRate reduce the amount of time a sales person spends researching for information?

Since users can tag, rate and leave feedback on the documents and materials managed within CollaboRate™, it is easier for sales people to search for and locate the relevant information that they need first time, every time.

Can CollaboRate be customized for my company?

The CollaboRate™ dashboard and user interface is completely customizable so it can reflect an individual company’s branding, including the inclusion of a corporate logo and the use of company colors, titles and proprietary content. In addition, each module comes with an “empty” section that an organization can use for its own unique purposes.

What file types does CollaboRate support?

The system is compatible with any media/content format/platforms, including all image, audio and video files, PowerPoint, Adobe PDFs and the Microsoft Office software suite.

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