CollaboRate™ is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based library, built specifically for businesses, where you can capture, catalog, store and measure  all of your tribal knowledge & resources.
Unlike many free solutions like Google Docs, etc., CollaboRate™ will also help you protect and build your IP and Tribal Knowledge.  Speeding up ramp up times for new employees and protecting you from loss of sales and drops in efficiency when you experience employee turnover.
It will enable your business to be more aligned, accountable, productive and profitable.

At Compendian® we recognize that the intellectual capital and tribal knowledge within an organization is a corporate asset that needs to be captured, leveraged and protected.

Businesses often underestimate the ramifications of not taking action to ensure this until it is too late.  These often include: a negative impact on productivity and delivery schedules due to misalignment of processes and procedures, loss of production and downtime, negative impact on employee efficiency and productivity leading to loss of customers, loss of revenue, high cost to replicate lost knowledge, negative impact on new product development, longer ramp-up time for new hires

At Compendian® we are committed to ensuring organizations are protected against the effects of loss of tribal knowledge and corporate IP, should for example a key employee leave the business.  We have created an automated way in which to capture, retain and make actionable the tacit, tribal and corporate knowledge within the organization:


Recent research groups, including IDC and Aberdeen, have discovered increases in productivity and effectiveness by as much as 20 to 30% when organizations implement the type of solutions that we provide.
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Compendian’s® CollaboRate™  delivers just-in-time knowledge right when it’s needed.

PLUS a centralized repository of corporate data providing instant access to proven sales knowledge, experiences and best practices.
PLUS a unique prospect alignment tool that delivers detailed insight into your target market and buyer needs.
PLUS users can rate, tag & make suggestions on all content, providing valuable feedback as to the quality and usefulness of content.

delivers feedback and analytics on access and usage, so management will be able to know, what/who is working and isn’t
integrates within CRMs including Salesforce and with Microsoft Sharepoint
dashboard and interface can easily be customized with your corporate colors & logo
is very cost effective and inexpensive, priced on a per user, per month basis

According to the Bureau of Labor Statictics:

28% of all employees are looking for work in another organization

49% of the workforce are 50+ years old and intend to retire over the next 5 -10 years

Millennials change jobs every 2 to 3 years

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