How Marketing Managers benefit from using CollaboRate™

As the head of Marketing, I have a lot of responsibilities that go beyond providing leads for the sales team. I am quite frustrated that the Sales department tends to want to throw my department under the bus with regards to the quality and accuracy of the collateral that we provide.
I’m also under a great deal of scrutiny from my senior management to show results by providing a return on the investment they gave me. In the past this was often difficult to do. However, now that we have implemented CollaboRate™, I actually have a way to measure the value of the collateral that my department creates and provide senior management with the results they are looking for. Below are some additional ways in which CollaboRate™ impacts me and my department:
1. Validation of the Marketing effort:
CollaboRate™ actually validates what my team does. When we create new collateral, we want to make sure that it actually accomplishes what we created it to do.  Therefore, we need to have a way to get feedback from the people we have created it for, confirming what works. This has allowed my team to gain a great deal more confidence in their ability to create the type of customer-facing content and collateral that is helping our sales people actually win more business.

CollaboRate™ provides a management dashboard showing which content is used and, more importantly, which content is used by our best sales people. Further, it actually allows our users to rate the quality of our collateral on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the top rating. It goes further than that and asks our users to tell us why they rated it the way they did, so we can have a better understanding of what we can do to make it better and more effective. This has really opened up the communication and alignment between our two departments and cut way back on the finger-pointing that used to occur. By working together we can achieve more for all of us.

1. Leveraging World’s Best Practice:
I don’t want sales people out there recreating what Marketing has already done. First, it’s not their job; second, they don’t have the required talent; and third, they need to use that time to sell. CollaboRate™ also lets us see what content is actually being used to close opportunities or move them along, which really helps us validate that content. CollaboRate™ provides a slot in their Customer Reference and Win/Loss Analysis sections that references which content or collateral was actually used in selling to those accounts. This information goes a long way to help us leverage the collateral we create by knowing what has worked to close those accounts.

1. Sales & Marketing Accountability:
After we have created the collateral that the Sales department requested, and said they needed, CollaboRate™ lets me know whether or not those people are actually using it. This allows me to hold the Sales department more accountable for using what we have created. If they ask for something and we spend the time and resources to create it, and they don’t use it, then I have a way of knowing and measuring that. This allows me to make the Sales department more accountable when they make future requests.

At the same time, they can hold us accountable for creating collateral that really works. If we create a piece that misses the target, then they can hold us accountable for not delivering more effective collateral. CollaboRate™ eliminated the finger-pointing that used to exist between Sales and Marketing, because we both have a tool that provides checks and balances for both parts of the organization. I like the fact that I can use CollaboRate™ to see what the best sales people are using to win business, so I can see what they feel is working in the marketplace and deploy my people’s efforts there.

1. Content Maintainability:
Because we create so much content and collateral, we needed to have a better way of monitoring and maintaining what we have created. CollaboRate™ actually helps us by allowing us to see when the last time a particular piece of content was updated or viewed. That information is very important to us because we can quickly see what content has become out-dated and lost its value. One thing that CollaboRate™ does is it allows us to remove or update old content, so that we can keep what is stored in there fresh and relevant. We can view the actual rating of each document no matter where it exists throughout the product range. CollaboRate™ provides document management control over all documents and content, so they can only be entered once, but still can exist in multiple locations.  The fewer documents and content that our users have to search through, the better off everyone is. We can now maintain the content that works and reduce what doesn’t, with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Bottom line is that CollaboRate™ has given us greater accountability and alignment between our Sales and Marketing departments, and our people are actually starting to collaborate with each other more. I now have a way to use that accountability, in my favour, to show my senior management that the funds they have provided my department are actually paying for themselves. CollaboRate™ has allowed me to create more targeted and effective customer-facing collateral that I can see working to close more deals and has kept my department from being thrown under the bus by the Sales department.

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