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Peter Strohkorb Consulting International Pty Ltd 

More than Mere Alignment: Sales +Marketing Collaboration

Peter Strohkorb Consulting was established in 2008 to help innovative medium-to-large organisations to dramatically boost their sales productivity. Peter Strohkorb Consulting International  now offers the OneTEAM Method globally, it is a structured framework to help your sales force and your marketing resources to work together as one team again, and to benefit your entire organization.   The OneTEAM Method is the only one that takes a holistic ‘Trinity’ approach of People first, Processes second, and Technology third. We focus on the Relationship between corporate Sales and Marketing Teams because you can have the most sophisticated processes and the latest technology, but if you don’t bring your People along on the journey it will all come to nothing. There has never been a better time to boost the business-critical functions of Sales and Marketing. Contact: Peter Strohkorb Consulting International Pty Ltd email: phb: +61 411 865 301 Sydney Australia web: and