How Sales People benefit from using CollaboRate™

Being a sales rep today is harder than ever. We are being asked to do more with less. The economy is tight and buyers are more sophisticated than ever, so we really have to bring our “A” game, even to get a chance to get up to bat.
They call this the information age, and they are right, but there is so much information out there that I waste a lot of time searching for what I need. Then, when I do find it, I’m not sure if it is the most current and relevant. I really struggled trying to make sure that I had the latest marketing and sales presentation materials. Here are just a few of the issues I struggled with and how my company saved the day by implementing CollaboRate™:

1. Increased Sales Productivity:

Before we implemented CollaboRate™, my sales colleagues and I found ourselves wasting upwards of 7 hours a week searching for information that existed somewhere within our own organization! That was time we could have used more effectively in front of a prospect.  My company thought they had solved the problem when they installed SharePoint, but it turned out to be a “Black Hole” where documents went into but no one could ever find.  I know my company spent a lot of time and money trying to make it work for us, but it was awkward and frustrating to use. When they told us about CollaboRate™, I thought to myself, here we go again, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, since CollaboRate™ actually integrates with SharePoint, I can quickly do a search and find what I need. CollaboRate™ also allows me to tag the content that is either in its own repository, or in SharePoint, or both, so I can find the content that I have tagged faster.

CollaboRate™ also allows me to check on frequently asked questions, when I need to know something, and get the answers right there, instead of putting out a broadcast message. If the answer I’m looking for isn’t there, I can post my question, so that one of the CollaboRate™ Knowledge Managers can find the answer and then post it. This allows other people who have the same question to be able to find the answer right there. If I can’t wait for them to get back to me with the answer, CollaboRate™ allows me to connect with our “Subject Matter Experts” and send them an e-mail right from within CollaboRate™. This has been a huge time saver for me and my colleagues.

Since CollaboRate™ comes with a set of templates around things like Competition, References, Win/Loss Analysis, Product & Prospect Alignment; it is so much easier for me to find what I need when I’m in a selling situation. I love how it is so organized and structured, making it easier for me to find what I need, when I need it.

I’ve noticed that our new hires are able to ramp up so much faster because they have all of the knowledge and information they need on our target market, and how to sell our products, right at their fingertips. Since CollaboRate™ is cloud-based, we can access it 24/7 from anywhere we can access the internet. I can actually pull things up in CollaboRate™ right from my Smart phone and iPad.

CollaboRate™ is so cool it even integrates with our CRM, so I can pull up content right from within a session. What a time saver . . . and I have become so much more efficient and productive when using it this way.

2. Greater Sales Effectiveness:

One of the things that really frustrated me and the other sales people I talk to is how often our Marketing department created content that was so off target that we all had to spend our time re-writing it, in order for it to be useful. Since no one in our Marketing department actually goes out on sales calls with any of us, how could they know or understand what our prospects were asking for? The answer is they couldn’t. However, CollaboRate™ has changed all of that by allowing us to actually rate the collateral that we get from Marketing and Sales. I can not only give the content a numeric rating, but I can tell them why I rated it the way that I did and how I used the collateral. My ratings are posted along with my colleague’s ratings so that we can see how each of us has rated something and share our insights.  I always look to see if our top sales people have rated something and look at their comments, because I trust their instincts. What’s really great is that when I do a search for something in CollaboRate™, the best of the best of what was rated bubbles up to the top, so I don’t waste time looking at content that has a low rating.

Since we all have started rating the content and making suggestions on ways to improve it, to fit our needs, the quality of the content that Marketing produces has improved significantly. This has increased my selling effectiveness as well.

CollaboRate™ enables you to find what you want faster (it integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and applications!), allowing you to devote more time to selling.

Since CollaboRate™ is so intuitive, it will not take you long to know how to use it.

Start experiencing these benefits within your own organization.

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