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Compendian® was founded by Chuck Carey, an accomplished sales, marketing and business executive with more than 40 years of experience in the information technology industry. The company created a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, called CollaboRate™ that helps companies and organizations capture, retain and make actionable, the constantly evolving information and knowledge assets within their organization. CollaboRate™ helps organizations reduce those risks created when the corporate intellect and tribal knowledge of your employees are lost, due to employee turnover. Compendian® works with our clients to develop a system that will allow them to capture, protect and deliver their information, content, knowledge and data assets. CollaboRate™ is designed to address most business applications where organizations need to capture and provide access to your corporate content, information and knowledge. It has a strong application for Sales and Marketing, but also delivers high value for Manufacturing, H/R and other business applications as well.

About Chuck Carey, CEO

A highly successful sales, marketing and business executive with over 40 years experience in each of those areas, Chuck has managed both domestic and international teams for globally known IT companies and start-up ventures. During his career, he has specialized in developing software and web-based products that improve operational functions between sales, marketing and customer service. Chuck has also been the founder and president of several independent IT ventures. His success has allowed him to continue investing in innovative technology ventures in today’s rapidly evolving IT industry. An active networker and member of business and technology organizations nationwide, Chuck attended the University of Akron. He lives in Atlanta, GA.

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LinkedIn Recommendations

“Chuck knows sales. I could go into a long description of his background, his expertise, but that simple statement sums up Chuck. I can only hope to acquire a fraction of his knowledge in the state of the art.

Beyond that, everyone who works with him knows about Chuck’s integrity; I have found him to be a caring, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with. He genuinely cares about people and that shows in everything that he does. I trust Chuck when he tells me something.” – Matthew Rosenhaft, Principal, Social Gastronomy

“Chuck is a very successful marketing & sales executive who recognized the critical importance of sales/marketing alignment in in this new economic climate. His CKX SaaS solution is an ideal solution to collect and deliver corporate wisdom and knowledge to the people who need it, the way they need it, right when they need it to close more business.” – Eric B., CEO, count5

“When you need an expert, Chuck is the guy. One of his great qualities is his ability to listen. He takes the time to understand and has the ability to zero in on problems and solve them quickly. With that said, the greatest quality I love about Chuck is his integrity. It just doesn’t get any better and he is the kind of person you look to do business with. I highly recommend him.” – George Ishee, Club President, CEO Space

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