Module 1: Intelligence (Customer) Library

The foundation of CollaboRate, this central repository of corporate information houses data and content that is relevant to your company, your products, your market, your competitors and your collateral. This function enables sales teams to communicate and collaborate with each other as well as with marketing management by rating and providing feedback on all content. Each Module comes with a customer configurable section so they can configure it for whatever they want like sales training for example. Users can:

  • Provide feedback on how the information or content was used.
  • Rate and tag content for easier, faster access.
  • Search other repositories like SharePoint to provide structure and order to finding documents, as well as rate, tag and comment on that content.
  • Users are alerted when content has been added or updated so that it can be reviewed and validated.

Key Sections


Marketing Content and Collateral

Hosts key marketing content, including product sheets, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, testimonials, etc.

Training Section

Provides a section for you to capture and store all of your corporate training collateral, whether it is written, audio or video.

Competitive Analysis

Provides a format and template for capturing and presenting granular competitive information.

Product Alignment

Provides specific guidelines to enable sales people to more effectively align themselves with each product, its best potential prospect, its value proposition, its strengths and top competitors, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Knowledge Exchange

A forum that allows all registered users to share their insights, experiences and comments with the rest of the team – thereby encouraging collaboration and communication among different departments and business units. User can also submit and search for Frequently Asked Questions.

Sharepoint Search

CollaboRate allows users to locate and access documents stored within Microsoft Sharepoint, as well as to tag, rate and provide general feedback on those content for future reference.

Business Profile

Identifies the key business differentiators and the critical business issues the company solves. Refines the business value proposition and competitive business strengths/advantages, and highlights target markets and best prospect profiles. These help sales people differentiate their company from the products they sell as well as define their key target prospects.

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Module 2: Customer Experience

Very often, shared knowledge among salespeople, and between management and ground forces, is spotty at best. This module enables all sales people to learn from a company’s best practices and sales experiences in order to improve their performance and increase sales revenues:

  • Learn from the successes and failures of other sales people.
  • Create detailed profiles of the industries/buyers/clients you sell to most.
  • Reduce ramp-up time for new hires.
  • Develop better quality leads, prospects and sales pipeline.

Key Sections

Prospect Alignment

Catalogs historical sales data specific to the roles and positions within industries and markets you have sold into. This information allows sales staff to better understand the issues faced by their prospects and buyers.

Best Practices

Enables companies to capture, catalog and share the best sales practices and experiences among the whole team.

Targeted Industries

Creates a detailed profile of the industries that you target and sell into the most. The system can access and pull in documents or RSS feeds from web sites.

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Module 3: Customer Voice

One of the most vital pieces of information your company or organization can capture is why a customer bought your product or service. This module provides the answers to the following key questions:

  1. Who bought your product or service?
  2. Why did they buy?
  3. What problem did we solve?
  4. What measurable value did the customer gain from our product or solution?

Using this important data, you will be able to:

  • Identify new prospects and new sales approaches.
  • Quickly find quality references to help close business opportunities
  • Help salespeople capitalize on and learn from the company’s successes.
  • Create more targeted and effective sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Highlight the true value proposition for customers.
  • Enhance product development and R&D process.

Key Sections

Customer References

Captures, validates and manages feedback provided by clients and customers, including testimonials and references, case studies, and survey results. This enables a company’s sales force to better understand the company’s true value proposition and thereby more accurately present sales messaging.

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Module 4: Customer Insight

Providing direct and honest feedback, the Customer Insight module helps companies analyze their successes and losses so they can develop a greater understanding of the cause of the outcome. The module also enables companies to analyze their performance across multiple sectors/areas.

  • Understand the true reason why a sale was made or missed.
  • Eliminate the dreaded No Decision from sales forecasts.
  • Allows management to spot business trends and then take the appropriate action.

Key Sections

Win/Loss Analysis

Enables companies to understand the true reasons why they were successful or, equally important, unsuccessful in a new business pitch/presentation.

Policies & Procedures

Allows companies to give registered users instant access to important corporate policies, procedures and documents.

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