Sharepoint / CRM integration

CollaboRate has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint, Sugar and as well as a wide range of sales development and CRM applications. CollaboRate allows you to search your company’s Sharepoint database for documents and to tag, rate and comment on those materials. In addition, CollaboRate can reside as a tab within CRM solutions like enabling users to access the content they need from those applications.

This document is designed to give you an idea of how a typical sales rep would use CollaboRate, right from within their session, to prepare for a sales call. These are actual screen shots of CollaboRate, what it looks like and how it works. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to see a demonstration. – CollaboRate Application – PDF

Difference between SharePoint and CollaboRate

This document helps describe how CollaboRate can actually add value to your SharePoint solution and how it is different in many ways and does things that SharePoint isn’t designed to do. CollaboRate is more of a Knowledge Management soution that also incorporates document management functionality.

Differences between SharePoint & CollaboRate

Differences between CollaboRate and CRM’s

This document explains the differences between CollaboRate and CRM solutions. CollaboRate is a knowledge management solution and not a contact management solution. So CollaboRate can add value to CRM’s by providing access the they type of information, content and tribal knowledge that your sales people need to be more effective and productive.

Difference between CRM’s & CollaboRate

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