5 reasons your company needs a Sales Knowledge Management Solution

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Companies that provide easy access to sales-relevant knowledge within their organization are giving their salespeople both the tools and the opportunity to significantly outperform competitors who don’t have access to similar knowledge. A Sales Knowledge Management solution that allows salespeople to quickly and easily retrieve the exact just-in-time knowledge and content they need can drive the buying process forward, build deeper trust with prospects and customers and deliver the following key benefits:

  1. Better qualified opportunities
    Salespeople will be able to deliver a more consistent and compelling message to a more defined and targeted prospect.
  2. Shorter ramp-up time for new hires
    Giving new salespeople access to the same intellectual capital, marketing content and tribal knowledge as the company’s most seasoned and successful salespeople will short-cut the learning process and help them become productive in a shorter period of time.
  3. Increased sales
    Arming your salespeople with your company’s best practices, experiences, knowledge, information and content allows them to deliver a more targeted value proposition that dramatically improves their win rate.
  4. Increase in revenue and average deal size
    Learning from and capitalizing on the best practices that have been successful for your company in the past will give your salespeople more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing the average deal and revenue size.
  5. More effective messaging and increased lead conversion rate
    Once the marketing department starts learning from customers and develops a better understanding of the company’s value proposition, it can create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns and communications. Similarly, once the sales and marketing departments truly understand why customers are choosing to buy – or not – they can create a consistent message that matches their customers’ wants and needs.

In today’s fast evolving Sales Enablement strategies a key component to the success of the sales enablement process is giving your sales people access to just-in-time, opportunity specific, information so they can be more productive and effective.

I’m curious, how important do you feel this issue is to your organization and why?


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